Track: Parenthetical Girls- Windmills Of Your Mind

I’ve really been loving this track so much recently, it’s by far my favourite version of the song. I love the song lyrically, there’s lots of vivid imagery which Zac Pennington and Rachael Jensen both deliver perfectly. The Parenthetical Girls‘ version of the track is beautiful instrumentally, the violins are perfect. The song makes me dizzy. I don’t think any other song has succeeded in doing this. Perhaps it’s because I’m good at visualizing and I can picture every simile that is sung.

I tried to find a suitable video on youtube to illustrate this but I couldn’t find anything using the Parenthetical Girls version, although I did stumble across this completely bizarre Harry Potter fan video somebody made set to the Noel Harrison version of the song. Creepy.

You can hear it on Entanglements or a preview on LastFm.

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  1. Andy January 12, 2009 at 4:52 pm #

    ahh, found it on hypem – very good indeed, but I do prefer the Petula Clark version. Still, it reminded me to go get Entanglements. hmm, who did that clockwork-sounding version that got tons of radio-play?- not Dusty I think.

    I adore The Weight She fell Under

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