Video: Metric-Give Me Sympathy

This song has been kicking around the interwebs since 2007. There are lots of different versions with different tempos and lyrics. I love that this is acoustic, it’s probably my second favourite version. I like the lyrics from the Myspace version better though. The myspace version is probably my favourite version of the song, but I like the Coachella performance because I like the whole stripped down thing. I don’t like the chunky-ness of the Myspace one. I want more Emily Haines! When is this record going to come out? I want it so much. I’m going for a walk to the centre of town, I might head to the British Museum on the way back if I can be bothered. I’m going to listen to Grow Up And Blow Away, my favourite Metric record. I love the way Emily sings on that one. Her voice is really…. high? Kind of. I can’t describe it. Soft Rock Star is my favourite. The bit where Emily says ‘haven’t they?‘ kills me every time. So good.

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  1. Alicia January 22, 2009 at 5:26 pm #

    Love <3
    I see that you enjoyed Anais’ performance :)

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