Video: The Avett Brothers- St Joesph’s

This is a really great quality video of the Avett Brothers playing St Joesph’s in a Jackson Hole gondola. When I read it I assumed they meant gondola of the boat variety but it’s actually one of the mountain lift variety. You can watch the higher quality version on the youtube page. Those gondolas are fun, I’ve never been in the aquatic gondolas so I don’t know if they’re fun but I can only assume they are. I like boats. I’m scared of dragonflies, and one time one landed on me while I was in a rowboat. This posed to be quite a dilemma as I couldn’t run away without capsizing the boat/swimming through the lake. I’m shuddering just thinking of it. And it wasn’t one of those baby dragonflies, it was like an actual dragon, the size of my forearm or leg or something. Anyway…

St Joseph’s is from the Second Gleam, which was one of my favourite EPs from last year.

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