We don’t dive, we cannonball!

I was searching youtube for my favourite Thao Nguyen song, Chivalry, when I came across this fantastic video of Swimming Pools. I found Chivalry first, and this one was in the related videos. It’s just so great I couldn’t not post it. You can also watch Chivalry here. I really recommend that you press play on this video, it is REALLY good:

Googlemaps informs me I walked 5 miles today. No wonder I’m hungry. I listened to lots of Scary Mansion and also Beach House’s Devotion. I went to Rough Trade, I was going to buy Cat Power’s Dark End of the Street vinyl EP but it was like £18 (??!?) so I bought The Dodos Fools 7″ and Woodpigeon’s That Was Good… 7″. I also figured out how to solve my M Ward/Woodpigeon gig clash crisis dilemma. I’ll go see M Ward in London on the Wednesday, then travel down to Brighton the next day to see Woodpigeon. I still have a ticket for the London Woodpigeon show if anyone wants it, I would rather it didn’t go to waste. Gig clashes are the stuff of nightmares.

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