Bodies Of Water

I am so bored. I am at university, I actually have a ton of work to do but I don’t want to do it, too much of a bore-fest for me to handle. University computers don’t allow Youtube, which is sad. I’m listening to Bodies Of Water. They’re such a brilliant band, hugely underrated, I don’t understand why they aren’t huge. Their music is such alot of fun, really big sounding gospel-esque songs. They released A Certain Feeling last year, it’s a fantastic record, but all my favourite songs are from Ears Will Pop And Eyes Will Blink. There is a run of 4 tremendously good songs: Our Friends Appear Like The Dawn, These Are The Eyes, I Guess I’ll Forget The Sound and Doves Circle The Sky. If you don’t enjoy that run of songs then you need to have your ears tested. I was lucky enough to see them twice last year, their Cargo show had to be one of the best of the year. Unfortunately they won’t be playing any more shows for ‘a while’ which is a real shame because they are such a strong live band. Listen to their records, Myspace here.


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