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My email inbox has been a pretty happenin’ place lately. Last week I got an email that made me very excited. It was from Rebecca Nicholson who co-runs The Lipster with Wendy Roby. I took a look over their site and was literally lol’ing in my seat at the course office at university at how brilliantly witty their website is. Just look at this article where they re-design the cover for Bon Iver’s Blood Bank EP. Now that’s a classy EP cover. So in the future you’ll be able to see some of my comics on their site, here is one:

You should read the site anyway. I defy you not to laugh.

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  1. Wears The Trousers magazine February 11, 2009 at 12:54 am #

    congrats Anika! The Lipster is great x

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