Emmy The Great interviews

I have a cold which is making me feel more tired than I should, coupled with my nonstop show going I feel quite exhausted. But I’m young! I should have alot of energy, in theory. So I was looking for Emmy the Great chords and then I came across some interviews:

Interview with Platforms Magazine This has to be one of the best interviews ever. Talk about X-Men, poetry, puppies, cake, my little pony… and Emmy also draws a self portrait.

Interview with Virtual Festivals I think every Emmy interview I read always features either her moving from Hong Kong at 12, or how she doesn’t like the anti folk label, or both. Also features this funny quote: “I don’t think you should quote this but I think most people who buy my records must be stupid.”. I think that’s Emmy being humble.

She’s great, can’t wait for the ULU show.

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