Esser & Speech Debelle bandstand busking

It’s SO cold in London right now. It wouldn’t be so bad if  it wasn’t for the wind. That wind will kill you. Not just in the friendly sense, it will kill you in a savage, brutal way. This morning I felt kind of dizzy from hunger, that same dizziness that made me faint at Fee Fie Foe Fum. Due to laziness and fear of the cold, I held off going out to get food until 12.30, where I stopped by Tesco on the way to the Northampton Sq. bandstand. I ate my croissant with pure joy. I also splashed out and bought some grapes (reduced from £2.55 to £1.65!).

Esser were the first buskers. Some silly resident complained about the noise (what noise!?) and called the park police. I can imagine her in her front room dialing 999 and shouting “COME QUICK, THERE’S SOME PEOPLE PLAYING MUSIC IN A BANDSTAND NEAR MY HOUSE!”. The busk went on anyway and it was good. Speech Debelle were next, I was impressed. I don’t ever listen to rap music but I can still appreciate rappers’ talents. Last year I ventured way outside of my genre zones to go see Yo Majesty play for free at Pure Groove. I would just about never listen to them on my ipod or the computer or whatever, but I was hugely impressed at how talented they are live. Same thing here. Speech Debelle has a different from what I usually listen to, but nonetheless beautiful, voice and witty, captivating lyrics. If you happen to like hiphop I recommend giving her a listen. Keep an eye on the Bandstand Busking website for the videos.

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