Sorry for the mass blogging, I have a 4 hour gap between lectures on Tuesdays. A few instores have come to my attention lately. First, Choir Of Young Believers¬†at Rough Trade next Monday at 7pm. I saw them last year supporting Bodies Of Water and they were good, so I’ll head down and catch this. Also, Howling Bells instore 5pm at Fopp Covent Garden on March 2nd. Will make for a nice pre-Wildbirds & Peacedrums show. I’m not entirely sure how instores at Fopp (ie wristbands?) work, so I will investigate that later. There’s some information here. Lastly, Gang Gang Dance have an instore at Rough Trade on Monday 23rd. Unfortunately it’s at 8pm so I’ll be over at Shepherd’s Bush for Neko Case, but if you’re free you should go.


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