Review: Alessi’s Ark bandstand busking

The busk today was absolutely wonderful. Alessi is so friendly and lovely. She noticed my Saddle Creek top and we ended up talking about Jake Bellows and that whole music community. She even sang me a bit of Old Times by Whispertown. She has to be one of the friendliest people I’ve met in a long time, she made herself so open and approachable. She was cheerful and friendly to everyone and I’m pretty sure everyone there was instantly won over and hugely endeared to her. She did The Horse and Over The Hill, then so kindly asked me if it was OK to play The Dog or if I wanted to hear something else. She gave us hugs when we left. I just remembered that it’s only a week and a half before I see her again at the ICA. I can’t wait. Go see her live, she is AMAZING. She has a show at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 1st of March, not sure if I’ll make it but I would like to. I think Notting Hill is quite far away, but it’s on the Circle Line… so maybe. I will wait and see. Don’t forget to visit Bandstand Busking.

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