Review: Ane Brun at Union Chapel

This gig was so good it deserves an immediate review. We got there early but because they let physical ticket holders in first we had to wait a while, which meant we were not able to get the killer pew. We had to get the pew next to it, which is much less killer. It was still on the front row and still good, but definately unable to claim the status of ‘killer’. 

As per usual talk turned to ‘what if…’ and Bobbles put questions to me like ‘what if Emily Haines was doing one solo show and you could only see that one show, or go to 500 other shows, what would you do?” kind of questions. We also talked about Frida, she’s quite the hot topic for us. You’d think we’d run out of things to say, but no, we don’t (!). Ane reminded me of Frida, mostly because they are both Scandinavian blondes (as Frida sings) and Ane had a very similar outfit to Frida, minus the leopard print skirt and glasses. Musically they aren’t really similar at all, apart from the fact they both have stunning voices. Alan from Wears The Trousers was also there in the pew behind me so we got to chat about more brilliant female folkies. It wasn’t all that long before the first act, Ellie Goulding took to the stage.

I get the impression Ellie hasn’t played all that many shows but she was nonetheless brilliant and very enjoyable. I would like re-reiterate the fact that the acoustics in Union Chapel are so so so so gorgeous. She played solo with an acoustic guitar, her voice carried well and I enjoyed her set and would like to see her play again. The next support act was called Teitur, a friend of Ane’s. He had leather trousers on and a see-through top. I started off enjoying him but as the set went on my interest faded. He reminded me of Peter Broderick minus all the clever looping and brilliant instruments. 

Next up it was the lady we all went to see, Ane. She was joined by three back up singers which she called her ‘Diamonds’. The Diamonds were indeed very special and did a fantastic job. Out of all the stage banter I’ve witnessed this week (and I’ve witnessed alot), Ane’s was definately the most endearing. She was so happy to be playing for us in this beautiful church and seemed so genuinely appreciative of the audience for coming and listening so attentively. She also said something like “I don’t know what to say… I’m just so happy to play.” She stepped back and smiled then sweetly said “oh, I made a rhyme!”. She did a cover called True Colours, noting that it was a very famous song and if you hadn’t heard it then you probably haven’t been on the planet for the last 30 years. Well, I have only been on this planet 18 years and I never heard it. Her version was beautiful though. Google tells me it’s by Cyndi Lauper… explains why I haven’t heard it. I only know her song from The Goonies and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Shame on me. I do like her voice so maybe I should listen more. She dedicated Changing Of The Seasons to the Scandinavians in the audience (there were quite a few). The Diamonds really shined on Balloon Ranger. There was a part at the end which was truly stunning. I think if anyone there was unimpressed by that then they must have no soul. In Petrified Forest Road there is a swear word. The three diamonds did some Joanna Newsom-esque back up parts, and awkwardly sung the swear word in the church (well, only the Welsh did). 

Finally for The Fall Ane got us all to hum along for her. It was beautiful. She got a standing ovation from the crowd, fully deserved. It was a very specials how and I am definately seeing her next time she stops by. Best show this week (and that’s really saying something). More photos in my Flickr set.

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  1. Wears The Trousers magazine February 27, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    such an amazing show! i can’t believe you’ve never heard True Colors. or that i am 12 years older than you. yikes. btw, you should check out Teitur’s first album, Poetry & Aeroplanes, from 2003. if you liked his first song last night, that’s the album for you. it’s a work of beauty. not so keen on the new stuff either myself. and what was with the constant foot on the piano pedal? it was like school assembly piano. BAD.

  2. Lee Ward February 27, 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    Brilliant review of a brilliant show. I can’t imagine a better venue to here Ane’s music.

    If you’re interested, I’ve written my own review here:

    BTW I used your pictures, because that shot of Ane was so perfect. Please let me know if that’s OK, or if you want me to remove.


  3. anikainlondon February 27, 2009 at 1:08 pm #

    Hi Lee, thank you very much.

    And yes, it is fine to use my photographs but please credit them to me and/or link them to either this blog or the Flickr set they came from. Glad you like them :)

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