Review: Asobi Seksu at the ICA

Second time seeing Asobi Seksu this year, and it was awesome. I left halls at half six and took the ‘scenic route’ to the ICA. I walked along Fleet Street/the Strand as oppose to Theobald Road/New Oxford Street because I wanted to avoid the deathly slow human traffic that culminates all along Charing Cross Road. Blehhh.

As I was just coming on to the Strand I saw a rather disheveled guy standing with a mannequin and a dog. I had my earphones in and was listening to Rilo Kiley. He was standing with the mannequin by a shop window where there were more mannequins inside. He was pointing at his mannequin then motioning inside as if to say ‘you wan’t to be in there, don’t you?‘. It was pretty funny and is probably reason 36738292 why I love London. 

This is where my ‘scenic route’ took itself to a whole new level of scenic. Basically, to cut a long story shot, I got lost. What an idiot. I’ve been to the ICA before so I thought I could navigate my way there again without the address/a map, but no, I am clearly not capable of that. I had to get the police to help me. 3 policemen to be precise. I wasn’t really ‘lost’, I knew where I was but couldn’t figure out which direction the ICA was. So they helped me and I found it and went in.

The first band were called Sennen and place in my top 10 most rubbish acts I’ve seen this year. I hate being mean, but they were just so generic and boring, and don’t like to use many different chords either. This would be fine if there was something interesting going on, but there wasn’t. So, when Asobi took to the stage next it was brilliant. Asobi Seksu are a 4 piece based in Brooklyn. They play dreamy, shoegazey pop. The band played alot of songs from Hush. My favourite is Familiar Light just because I’ve listened to it quite alot of times. Yuki said that we were one of her favourite crowds (awwh) but added  ’shhh don’t tell New York!’. The lighting was only OK, which is a shame as the ICA is capable of ‘best lights ever’. For the final song Yuki took to the drums, which was absolutely wonderful. The band did a couple of encores and thanked us all for coming. They seemed happy to be playing for us and it was all lovely. Go see Asobi Seksu. Listen to them on Myspace.

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