Review: Black Lips at Islington Academy

I woke up in the morning with a bit of a cold. Through they day this developed into a full blown cold. I got to the venue and had to queue for about 20 minutes even though there were only a couple of people in front of me. I went and and collected my photopass then went and sat down.

The first band were called The Soft Pack. I thought they were alright. I didn’t like or dislike them, but looks like I’m seeing them with Women tomorrow.

After the first 3 songs thing I went and sat on the floor in the spacious stage left area. This happened to be where the Vivian Girls were. After The Soft Pack finished they stood together and warmed up their voices. They always seem so cheery! They took to the stage and someone from the audience yelled something, Katy repeated what she thought she heard: “I’m a racist?”. They actually yelled ‘bassist’ and then she was like “ooooh, yes, yes I am the bassist.”. The person kept yelling it and the band laughed and Katy murmured “ok, this joke has gone on for too long now.” They played their songs and were brilliant. The Vivian Girls are pretty funny and I enjoy hearing the anecdotes they tell. They told us about how they like the venue because it’s in a ‘mall’ and about how much they like to shop. They played a strong set and I enjoyed them again. The lighting for the photo pit songs was rubbish, with the only good light shining on Katy. I suppose since I only got Cassie pictures the day before it’s not so bad. Next time perhaps Ali will be the only one in the light.

Then it was the Black Lips. The lighting was rubbish for the first 3 songs, not just one member in darkness, but all of them. There were lots of photographers in the photo pit just standing around waiting for the light to change, but it never did, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. After they kicked us out I went round the side of the stage and climbed up and took some photos from there. I’m not sure if I was allowed to be there but I had a good view so I stayed there the whole set. I don’t really know much of the Black Lips stuff. All I own is one 7″ which I bought a few years ago, Dirty Hands, because I thought the artwork was neat. So when they played Dirty Hands it was brilliant. The band were absolutely amazing, so much energy. The crowd were going wild and crowd surfers kept coming forward. The band reminded me of Flowers Forever. At the end of the set Cole did some rolling on the floor and pulled his trousers down. It was all very fun and I would love to see them again next time they play here. Black Lips are definately in the top 10 bands I’ve seen this year, go see them.

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2 Responses to Review: Black Lips at Islington Academy

  1. Daniel February 16, 2009 at 12:35 pm #

    Hi Anika,

    I’ve heard Cole plays the guitar with his penis! That’s inventive. It’s so strange that someone’s stage trick is simply to pull their trousers down.

    You’re a VIP photographer, wow.

  2. anikainlondon February 16, 2009 at 1:23 pm #

    Yeah I heard Black Lips shows can get really wild, I also heard they’ve toned them down quite alot. I want to see them again.

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