Review: Black Lips Bandstand Busking

I saw Black Lips last Monday and was seriously impressed at their complete and utter brilliance. When I heard they’d be Bandstand Busking I got pretty excited, especially as it was acoustic. 1pm today. I was meant to have maths then. Now, to sit in maths thinking about Black Lips, OR to skip maths and watch Black Lips? The latter obviously.

I got down there and it wasn’t long before the band appeared. The weather was mild and there was a pretty big turnout, which makes for a great atmosphere. The band beckoned fans into the bandstand and they all sat around on the floor. I got to take some snaps which was fun because the band are all very photogenic. They told us some jokes and stories and did 4 songs for us. The videos will be online in about 3 weeks, keep an eye out for them because they will be amazing. I often think we’re so lucky to have Bandstand Busking sessions in London, because what sets it apart from other video sessions is it actually invites fans to come along… which is really special. If you live in or around London, or have loads of money and don’t mind a plane journey or two to get here, I really recommend coming to the next one. Alessi’s Ark this Sunday. In the meantime, watch up on the old busks on theirĀ website, and sign up to the newsletter to find out about future busks. More photos in this set.

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  1. ed March 11, 2009 at 3:02 pm #

    whaaaaT?? super jelous of this, wish i could have seen it…ah well had the ‘short fuse’ single on repeat the whole day hah, i saw on flickr someone got some cool shots of the guys on polaroid, have a look…

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