Review: Chairlift at Pure Groove

I really liked Chairlift last time I saw them so it was with excitement that I returned to Pure Groove to see the New York 3 piece again. For the first song they had all the lights off and played some spooky atmospheric music, Caroline leaning over her keyboard with her giant hood up, leaving her face in shadow. Due to the fact the show started an unappetising twenty minutes late (this isn’t too bad, but we were on a very tight schedule, and because bands at Pure Groove only play for about 25 minutes this is a significant delay) we resolved we would have to go after two songs. After the first two songs the band started playing Evident Utensil. How could I resist!? I love that song, pop music at its finest. Then after Evident Utensil they played Bruises. I couldn’t resist that either. They didn’t play it last time so it was good to hear. I would have liked to have stayed and seen if they played Don’t Give A Damn, but we had to make a dash to M Ward. It is with genuine sadness that I have to miss their next London show, it was going to be in March but they rescheduled it to May and it now clashes with Yann Tiersen. Next time they’re here I’d like to see them again.

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