Review: First Aid Kit at Pure Groove

Before I went to this show I didn’t really know much about First Aid Kit. According to the wise LastFm, there are apparently 3 First Aid Kits. There’s this one, a post punk 5 piece, and a Spanish electronica band. I’m actually listening to the Spanish band now and they’re actually pretty good…

Anyway! This First Aid Kit are a sister duo from Sweden, one born in 1990 and the other in 1993 (this is like me and MY sister! except we have no talents, boo). They play country tinged folk pop with pretty harmonies and melodies. They had an autoharp too, which I had never seen it before. It’s like a non-digital omnichord (so the original then, I guess) and sounds┬ámarvelous. They did their Fleet Foxes cover and all was well and good. They have some tour dates this week, check them out if you are free.

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