Review: Fleet Foxes at The Roundhouse

I know in another review I mentioned about how I like to blog about shows soon after they’ve happened, because the words come easier… especially when you have shows every night, it can be easy to let reviews build up. So here is a brief summary of my Fleet Foxes experience (as it is not yet 1am and therefore unnaturally early for me to go to bed, even though I am exhausted).

So I got there at 7, Rich from The Line Of Best Fit kindly arranged to have his photopass transfered to me because he was ill and couldn’t make it. Vetiver came on at 8, they played for about 40 minutes.

The Roundhouse are REALLY fussy over¬†photographers. After the 3 songs they’ll escort you to the cloakroom and take your camera from you, and they won’t let you back in the venue unless you have a ticket for the show, luckily for me I had a ticket anyway. After the fussiness of them taking my camera, I made a dash back so I could watch Vetiver. I thought they were brilliant, the sound was pretty good apart from there were quite a few sqwarks of feedback from the mic. I look forward to catching them again on Saturday, I will write a better review about them then. During Vetiver’s set Robin from Fleet Foxes sat at the side of the stage and watched attentively.

At 10 to 9 I had to go sign some form basically saying I won’t sell my photos or anything. The lady who got us to sign was Aja, Robin’s sister. She was lovely, as were the security guards, it’s just a shame we had to be fussed over so much. I guess that’s what happens when you shoot big bands in big venues though. The bonus of this, of course, is the lighting is brilliant and the smoke makes for some really atmospheric shots. It was an absolute pleasure shooting the band, it was alot of fun. After the 3 songs they took my camera and I made a dash back to the music hall. Unfortunately I had to watch from the back because I didn’t want to barge my way through the crowd. The back is where all the chatterboxes stand. A pretty good indicator of just how successful Fleet Foxes have been here is the audience that were present. So eclectic, not the ‘typical’ show-going type. At the back there were lots of annoying drunk old people. I am not one disposed to violence, but I did feel like poking people and telling them to shut up. Why pay ¬£18 for a gig and not listen to the music? Anyway, back to Fleet Foxes. They played for shorter than I thought they would. The sound was good, the harmonies were to die for. My favourite song of theirs is Your Protector, which they played quite early. For the encore Robin did an acoustic, unplugged song. It was brilliant. His voice is truly something special, it carried all the way to the back of the room where I was standing. It took about a minute before everyone, even the people at the bar, all fell silent. Amazing. I like Fleet Foxes but I never really got the mass hype. Now I’ve seen them live I understand a little better. Great band.

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