Review: Laura Marling at Rough Trade East

Oh Laura Marling. Mercury Prize-nominated Laura Marling. Why is it that I am completely unable to decide what I think about you? This was the second time that I’ve seen Laura play. It was a special secret instore performance for her to showcase a few songs from her next record. Literally a few, only three. She was meant to be on before the Choir Of Young Believers but¬†apparently¬†came down from Reading and got here a little late, so took to the stage after their set. Because the show was barely advertised at all, the shop was nowhere near full and there was a nice intimate atmosphere. Some of the COYB audience had left and some new people arrived.

Before she started playing her guitar was making all sorts of hissing and popping noises and it was sweet so see her shyly smile and duck and cover her ears after a particularly loud pop. She told us she was going to play four songs, but after her second song said the next one would be the last. Theoretically, I should really like Laura Marling. She’s got a beautiful voice and her lyrics are good and it’s just the type of folky stuff I usually adore. Something never clicked though. Something is missing and I have no idea what. I do like to hear her play live, and I am glad to see her again on Saturday, but, I don’t know… I just think she could be really great and perhaps I will like her more in the future. She also seems very shy (or she just doesn’t enjoy performing), and I wonder whether I will ever see her play for more than 20 minutes at a time. Maybe on Saturday. I also think it was very lovely of Rough Trade to put this and the Choir Of Young Believers show on, they are great, buy stuff from them.

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  1. Alicia February 17, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    Oh laura! It’s so strange you don’t know about her… because I do know! :D She’s made of all kinds of magical things, really. And I love how shy she is, it really really makes me want to see her live someday…

  2. greghorrorshow February 19, 2009 at 2:37 pm #

    Still thoroughly enjoying her album but haven’t seen her live yet.

    Always amazed that a lot of people I speak to have never heard any of her stuff!

    I’m trying to spread the word a bit so I featured her in my latest blog (link below if you’re interested).

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    Check out my latest music blog – bands worth checking out:

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