Review: M Ward at the Borderline

After Chairlift we hurried over to the Borderline to see M Ward. The hurrying was not necessary as hardly anyone was there.

It was half an hour before the first act, Sleeping States, took to the stage. I had heard of him before and listened to a few of his songs, so it was nice to witness his live show. It was enjoyable enough and Markland and his band did a good job of opening up the show

After a little change over it was M Ward. Before he started his henchman told me to put my camera and lenses away and then went on to sit by the side of the stage and tell anyone with a camera (DSLR or compact) to put it away. The band REALLY don’t like photos. I took a few in the first two songs by ducking behind people so the watchman couldn’t see, then I put my camera away. I understand his request, but I don’t see the harm in taking just a couple of snaps in the first songs. The sound was brilliant, and it was amazing to see the band play in such an intimate setting. Matt’s voice is stunning, absolutely brilliant. He seemed to be having fun playing and it was very enjoyable. I didn’t get a setlist but there were lots of Hold Time¬†songs, and my favourite Chinese Translation which he played quite early I seem to remember. Good show.

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