Review: Moriarty at The Slaughtered Lamb

After Sky Larkin we walked up to The Slaughtered Lamb and got some seats at the front. The seating soon filled up pretty quick and it ended up being quite busy.

The first band were called Sparrow & The Workshop and they were awesome. They’re from Glasgow and play up tempo folk music. The Devil Song was brilliant, the drummer had like a strip of metal attached to his drum kit (there must be a technical term for that) and it was fun to watch him drumming. You can hear the song on their Myspace, and they’re also playing End Of The Road in September. Next was Emit Bloch who was very funny. He had a cowboy hat and a guitar covered in little stickers. He’s from Utah and did some amusing looping and used some weird sound effects (like roosters crowing). The third act was Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band. They played old style ragtime bluesy folk and were great to watch. They also did a cover of Pick A Bail Of Cotton. Nothing like a good old folk song! One song featured a washboard. WIN. By now I was getting quite tired/hungry (tungry) but it wasn’t so bad because each of the support acts were great.

Moriarty took to the stage just after 10. They were absolutely fantastic, a delight to watch. Each of the 6 band members clearly looked like they were having a great time which is brilliant to watch. There were lots of foot-stompingly good parts which drew alot of ‘yeeeeeah!’ and cheers from the audience. Great harmonica solos, guitar solos, and quite possibly the best glockenspiel solo I have ever witnessed. The song was Enjoy The Silence, because we were in The Slaughtered Lamb this somehow ended up being Silence of The Lambs and included alot of bizarre and brilliant baaa’ing and bleeting. Jimmy was another set highlight. The group vocals were stunning, and I really recommend catching Moriarty live if you can. They have some European shows and a SXSW appearance. I often measure how good a gig was by thinking if it was worth the ticket price. Every band on the lineup was great and it was more than worth the ticket price. Great evening.

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