Review: Passion Pit at Pure Groove

My Thursdays are usually pretty (very) boring, I have Accounting for an hour, then an hour gap and then Spanish. Luckily for me today Passion Pit were on hand to diffuse the mind numbingly boring routine of university.  I had to power walk down from university to Farringdon, and I had my backpack with my books and camera which must have weighed about my body weight.

I got there and the shop was the busiest I’ve ever seen it for a lunchtime. I managed to weave my way to the front and stood in what I like to think of as ‘the modesty gap’. This is the gap between the stage and the crowd that the crowd form themselves because they are too shy to move all the way forward. Often artists will try and implore the audience to fill this gap, although it only ever works if the venue is busy. Enough about the modesty gap, and on to Passion Pit. Passion Pit are a 5 piece from Massachusetts. They play pop music that sounds a bit like it came from a video game. It’s perfect pop music that goes exactly the way you want it to (none of the schizo jumping about a la of Montreal, as much as I love Skeletal Lamping). Singer Michael Angelakos is capable of hitting some pretty high notes. It’s perfect dance party material. I really enjoyed them and would like to see them play again. The only downside to Pure Groove instores is that they aren’t long enough. Great instore.

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