Review: Ponytail at 100 Club

Goodbye eardrums, hello tinnitus. This is the loudest show I’ve been to all year. Perhaps it seemed louder than it was because my ears have had a fairly tender past couple of days at The Slaughtered Lamb.

We got there on time and sat eagerly on the edge of the stage. The first act were a duo called Gentle Friendly. They only played two songs but were pretty interesting to watch. The next act Future Islands were great. The three-piece hail from Baltimore and play loud, heavy pop songs. The singer was what made the band stand out. He has a strong voice and was leaping across the stage drenched completely in sweat. He was hard to photo but I got one OK shot, see here. The band have a date at the Old Blue Last in March, see their Myspace for details.

Next up it was Ponytail. I am still keen on broadening my musical horizons, and I can safely say I have never seen a band quite like Ponytail. Singer Molly Siegel had a huge amount of energy and passion, bouncing around and singing her lungs out for a solid 40 minutes. It was a pretty fun show. Towards the end of the set Molly ventured into the audience, and a couple of members of audience ventured onto the stage. I actually managed to bang my knee on something, probably the stage, and now it hurts. You don’t get that at folk shows. I have to admit most of the songs blended in and all sounded the same to me, probably because this isn’t the type of thing I listen to. I guess if music genres are like languages then it was a language I do not speak yet. It was still a brilliant performance and if you like your music loud and deafening then you can catch Ponytail at the Lexington on March 10th. The Lexington is a pretty cool venue and I can imagine it will suit them quite well, as did the 100 Club. Good show.

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