Review: The Deer Tracks at Pure Groove

A nice lunchtime instore to bridge my gap between Accounting and Economics. I got there about 10 minutes early but that was fine and well because they were playing Emmy on the sound system again, which meant I was quite content to sit there. Pure Groove really isn’t a record store any more, you can’t see the CDs unless you go to the drinks counter, they don’t have much music for sale either. They are however, great at putting on instore shows and so it was with excitement that I saw the Deer Tracks. From the press shots I thought they were a duo but today the band were stretched out to a seven piece. They sounded fantastic. Dissonant electronica pop from Sweden. The singer clutched on to a little tin shaker and held it with some child like fascination. There was some melodica, and also projections on the screen on the background. They played for longer than the average PG instore, and I’m glad. Excellent. Listen on Myspace.

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  1. james February 25, 2009 at 8:32 pm #

    not overly impressed with the album.
    it’s a good record, but to be great needed to push a little more
    certainly in terms of innovation
    a good record for what it is.

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