Review: The Olympic Symphonium at The Slaughtered Lamb

Woops, I forgot I went to this. I got there about 2 minutes before doors then took a seat. The first act was called Elk, he was OK, he had a good voice but I just spent his entire set hoping he’s cover Stand By Me. The second act was called William Carpenter’s Towering Trees. He was missing his Trees, telling us they’re back home in Portland. He was actually very good and I really enjoyed his set. It was folky type stuff you’d probably like if you like Turner Cody or Matty Pop Chart and artists like that. By this time Elk had taken a seat next to me. The couch was broken so every time he lurched forward to talk to his friend (which he did repeatedly throughout the other artists’ sets) my end of the sofa would sink. He kept getting up and fidgeting, stretching his arms out and hitting me in the back of the head, and I felt like moving but I just stuck it out, I had a good spot otherwise. Next it was a guy called Robin Allender. He was very good at guitar but by now I just wanted the headliners to start. The Olympic Symphonium were great, they swapped instruments around and all took turns singing. The last two songs, a new one and Blood From A Stone, were both particularly great. They’re heading back to Canada now but I’d recommend catching them where you can.

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