Review: The Thermals at The Lexington

So after I got out of Islington Academy I jet propelled myself round the corner and up the road to The Lexington. The show was sold out but a friend of a friend had a spare ticket which I bought for £7. I wormed my way through the bouncing crowd to the side of the stage area. This year I have resolved to go to more shows besides just quiet ones, so The Thermals was a brilliant tangent from my usual folky goodness (so was Asobi Seksu/Howling Bells… what a satisfying evening.). The band played with so much energy and it was fantastic. The whole centre of the room was bouncing and it looked like the speaker was in danger of topping over. I love singer Hutch Harris’ voice. It’s the kind of voice that rubbish punk bands will try and emulate, but ultimately fail, yet he does it so naturally/effortlessly. The Thermals have a great Daytrotter session from last year, which is what impelled me to see them. Returning To The Fold was fantastic, they also did a cover of a Nirvana song I’ve forgotten the name of that I hadn’t heard in about 4 years. It was brilliant. Go see The Thermals!

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