Scary Mansion- Every Joke Is Half The Truth

If you read my blog you probably know I strongly approve of Scary Mansion.  Anyway, last year when I made my end of year list I had a top 8 and then had a ‘really really good’ section, then a long list of ‘other good stuff’. I put Scary Mansion in the ‘really really good’ section. In hindsight I think Every Joke should have placed higher. Like, much higher. Third perhaps. Yep, third, knocking back super favourites Jenny Lewis and Whispertown. (Also, in hindsight I like Swim more than Acid Tongue, so Every Joke would be 4th for sure, and maybe tied 3rd, I do love Swim alot). Basically, you need to listen to Scary Mansion. I want more Scary Mansion, lets hope she does another record sometime. I would also like to see more Scary Mansion videos on youtube, so if you live in a 100 mile radius of Brooklyn, please go to her show at Zebulon on March 9th and tape the whole thing. Thanks.

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