Scary Mansion in France

Whenever I see American bands have tour dates in France/mainland Europe I always pray they’ll pop over here, it’s so close, they might as well. Anyway, Scary Mansion is going to France in April (!!!!!!!!!!!) I hope she comes here too or I’ll be sad, and unfortunately I do not have enough monies to take a trip to Paris… or do I? I think I can get the ferry from Dover for like ¬£10, then how much would a train be to Paris? To save getting a hotel I could just not sleep. I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s just hope she sets a London date. Similarly, my favourite keyboard trio are in France right this very second. Au Revoir Simone’s new one is one of my most anticipated records this year. Also similarly, Simone White is all over mainland Europe in March/April, I’m hoping to see a London date.¬†Quadruply¬†similarly, Whispertown are playing ATP in May. I am dying for that London date. If all these bands were to announce London dates I would cry, with JOY.

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