Scary Mansion on the radio

You can download a recording of Leah playing and singing over the phone for BSR Radio here. Recorded in January 2008.

I am listening now. The radio guy asks where she is and it gradually gets more specific. New York. Brooklyn. Williamsburg. Jeffrey Lewis’ house. Jeffery’s Bathroom. Kind of in the tub. Wow, Leah Hayes = WIN, and I think everyone knows Jeffrey Lewis is an amazing talent in a league of his own. Double win. I’m hoping for that London date. I don’t think anyone (apart from me) would approve of me taking a trip to France in the week before exams, but I think it would be worth it. On the radio show she does alot of non album tracks that sound awesome. From Every Joke she does Scum Inside followed by New Hampshire¬†and does Captain as the second to last track. I especially like the last track Regret. The pre-song talk is a bit awkward but it’s a good set. You can listen to her on Myspace.

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