Serafina Steer is a British musician who I’ve been meaning to see since last May when she was on the bill to support Chris Garneau, but ended up not making an appearance-which is a real shame because Chris always gets the worst support acts. It was a Chris Garneau support act that holds the title of ‘worst band I’ve ever seen’ (Sleaford Mods, listen to Wack It Up Bruv and see what I mean). I always clap after each song because it’s only polite, but I was very close to not clapping. Anyway, Seafina has a brilliant voice and plays the harp. She has a few upcoming London shows, none of them are very¬†convenient¬†for me, so I think I’ll hold off and wait for another date. I really would like to see her though, she fits in with my agenda of needing to see a harpist. Here is an absolutely beautiful video. That harp part is brilliant. The song is called Yoga Babe, most of it is instrumental, but it’s about someone she likes being in love with a yoga teacher.

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