Some new Rough Trade Instores

Ex Lovers + Eugene McGuinness + Special Guest, March 2nd @ RTE. Ex Lovers are supporting Emmy on this tour. Eugene is friends with Emmy. Hmmm I wonder who the special guest could be??? Selfishly, I kind of hope it isn’t Emmy because I’m seeing Wildbirds & Peacedrums and a 5pm Howling Bells instore across the other side of town that night.

Micachu on March 11th, I will go just to investigate the buzz. Jeremy Jay, March 12th. I will maybe go depending on where Heaven is and what time Patrick Wolf starts. Hatcham Social, The Rakes and The 1990s also have dates, but none of them interest me, so I will only go if I’m free and have nothing to do. I might be pleasantly surprised.

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