Track: Au Revoir Simone- The Way To There

The Bird Of Music was one of my favourite records from 2007. I think it’s really important to have a killer track at the end of the record, so that after that first listen (or any listen, really) of the album you come away really satisfied and content and have that ‘ahhh that was nice’ feeling that makes you want to listen to the whole thing again. I think Home Again is the perfect ending to Devotion, Winning rounds off Knives Don’t Have Your Back perfectly, Calendar Girl makes me all fuzzy inside at the end of Set Yourself On Fire, Bishop Allen saved the best ’til last with The News From Your Bed on The Broken String etc etc. The same with The Way To There. A perfect ending to a brilliant album. The strings in this song are just heavenly, absolutely beautiful. Au Revoir Simone’s new album is one of my most anticipated records this year. Visit them on Myspace and get The Bird Of Music as a nice big shiny vinyl LP from their store.

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