Track: Dent May- You Can’t Force A Dance Party

So yesterday I went to Rough Trade a little early, just in case it was busy, and also because a) I was doing nothing and b) Rough Trade have some comfy sofas. So I got there and sat down and this really great song came on the sound system, it got my foot tapping and almost forced an impromptu dance party of one. I didn’t know what song it was and didn’t feel like getting up to ask so I just committed the memorable line to my memory. I googled it this morning and found it’s by Dent May, ukulele extraordinaire from Mississippi. He has a ton of tour dates and is supporting Animal Collective here at The Forum in March and hopefully a headlining show in April with dates TBA. You can find the song and download it from I Guess I’m Floating.

Also, Rough Trade have a blog which you can read here. Worth bookmarking, I do believe. They put up my Laura Marling shots from yesterday. I do love Rough Trade, a great shop and they so kindly put on so many great instores (of Montreal, Emmy The Great, Mumford and Sons, Sky Larin etc etc etc). Make your purchases from them.

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2 Responses to Track: Dent May- You Can’t Force A Dance Party

  1. Adam February 17, 2009 at 12:19 pm #

    I’ve recently been addicted to that song too! He sounds like Morrissey gone twee.

  2. anikainlondon February 17, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    I wish it was longer, although I have no objections to listening on repeat!

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