Video: Holly Miranda and Scott Matthew- Between The Bars

WOW. So I’ve had Holly Miranda’s myspace page bookmarked for the past month and I’ve dipped in a couple of times but nothing really grabbed me, apart from her beautiful voice. Very kindly, a Scary Mansion fan sent me some live Holly Miranda songs and I really enjoyed them alot. A little search returned this absolute GEM! This song is brilliant. Scott Matthew also has a brilliant voice, but really, just wait for Holly’s part. The second verse is the best verse anyway, but WOW, her voice. Just, wow. Wow wow wow. This song has been covered alot (I’ve seen Chris Garneau 3 times and he still hasn’t played it, although we did get a cover of Harvest last time) but I never tire of it. If a band or singer were to surprise me with this cover there might be a danger of some artery or heart valve exploding in me, I would probably die if that happened. Anyway… melodramatics aside, I love this song. I will listen to these live recordings some more then make a post about her tomorrow. Oh yeah, I’m seeing NEKO CASE tomorrow. And also First Aid Kit at lunch. How absolutely brilliant.


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  1. Adam February 23, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    Another lunchtime in-store at Pure Groove? Hmmm…

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