5 bands I blog about more than I ‘should’

Hmm, this post is only exacerbating the problem detailed in the title of this post. I have included ‘should’ in inverted commas because I mean this in a pleasant way. I think there are some bands that I gush about alot more than others, in 2009 I think these have been my most blogged about artists:

1. Wildbirds & Peacedrums: WB&PD were actually the band which prompted me to write this post. I originally set out to write a long raving post about how absolutely ridiculously brilliant My Heart is and how excited I am for the Luminaire show which is now under 2 weeks away, and could very well be the best show EVER version 2, but then I thought about how many times I’ve blogged about My Heart before and how anyone who reads my blog will already know how much I love that song, and so it doesn’t reaaaally need to be stated yet again.

2. Scary Mansion: I think I have blogged about Leah Hayes-centric songs and news more than I’ve blogged about any other singer. I love her art, I love her voice, I love her songs and I am super duper excited to go to Paris to see her play. You can see lots of her wonderful drawings on her blog.

3. Emmy the Great: First Love is one of my favourite records of the year. I think it also helps that I know lots of folk seem to love Emmy and there is a general consensus that she is more than great.

4.  Frida Hyvönen: I think half the reason why I blog about Frida so much is because I like her name. That’s not actually true. The real reason I blog about her is because she is AMAZING.

5. Who else do I blog about alot? I can’t decide the fifth. I’m surprised I don’t blog about Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton more, but I do try and veer away from her because you haven’t seen me probably swoon over something until you’ve seen me swoon about Knives Don’t Have Your Back. I avoid blogging about it in the fear that I’ll start off on a 1363892 word rant with no punctuation or paragraphs and the repetition of the word ‘love’ many more times than is necessary. I love that record so much. I’ll stop now before the ranting begins…

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