A Guide To: Karlstad, courtesy of Detektivbyrån

I’ve started a new feature. I was thinking about how well I know music in London, but how relatively little I know about other cities. So for this A Guide To series I will try and get as many different musicians as I can to tell us a bit about their town.

For this episode Anders “Flanders” Molin of the band Detektivbyrån introduces us to Karlstad, Sweden.

Best music venue: Café August. It’s beautifully located and intimate.

Best record shop: Knastret. Legendary second hand record shop! Tore who drives it is nicest guy. Located very central.

Favourite bands from Karlstad: Sven-Ingvars. Legendary Värmland Rockn’Roll band since the 50′s, it’s genuine.. Also: Da Buzz, genius, I completely love this song.

Interesting fact about Karlstad: It has the oldest stone bridge in the country. Also: The Beatles had their first show outside of England in Karlstad, except for the Hamburg period with another line-up and so on. The show was at Sundsta Läroverk (a school we actually went to some years when we grew up) 25 november 1963, the local newspaper wrote they sucked, and the same critic wrote many years later that I was a great bass player (after a jazzband show I was in) so I thought ”Oh, then I’m better than The Beatles?”

Anything else we need to know about Karlstad? People are friendly and you will probably think they speak Norwegian, it’s close to Norway.

Detektivbyrån make wonderful, rich, melodic instrumental music with accordion and glockenspiel and keyboards. Check out their sweet sounds.

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2 Responses to A Guide To: Karlstad, courtesy of Detektivbyrån

  1. Crazybobbles March 4, 2009 at 9:48 am #

    mmm accordions and glocks :) they’re such a feel good band, fun to see live

  2. Nikoline March 4, 2009 at 2:41 pm #

    Well, they’re definitely tright about their last point…I thought they were Norwegian until now.

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