A Magical Touch of Class

A Magical Touch of Class is the project of Andrew Hoepfner (Creaky Boards) and Leah Hayes (Scary Mansion). You can listen to their songs on their Myspace. I listened to their songs a few times before and thought ‘WOW this is brilliant’ but I kind of have a thing with myspace players and don’t listen to them all that much unless there’s nowhere else to hear the songs.

So yesterday I came home and got my mail (and ate loads of home food, nom). I get super duper excited about receiving mail, especially from other countries. So I noticed a package from Brooklyn, how exciting. I opened it up and it was a copy of Guilty Pleasure, a 5 track CD from A Magical Touch of Class. It came in a hand assembled envelope with some cheesy 80s body builders on the front. So pretty much the best cover ever. I listened to it about 10 times in a row, literally. The songs are really sweet and catchy, they’re almost like lullabies. I love it and think they’re brilliant, listen to them!

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