Alessi’s Ark in Borders

Well… this was a random find. I got up late (oops) and opted out of Maths. I was browsing the interwebz looking for jobs. No avail! Nevermind, look what I found instead, from the Borders Oxford Street website:

Alessi’s Ark 6:00 pm, Mon 11th May 2009

We are very excited to present an evening of live performance from Alessi’s Ark, the freshest fallout from the MySpace music explosion. Alessi will be giving a short talk and Q&A session, followed by an advance preview of her debut album, Notes From The Treehouse. 

It’s the same night as Andrew Bird, but it’s at 6 so there’s time for both. Win/win. Sidenote: anyone want to give me a job? Please.

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