Interview: Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

I saw Ellie play at Union Chapel last month supporting Ane Brun. It’s always so lovely when you don’t know who the support is and then you get a pleasant surprise. Ellie took to the stage as a lone troubadour and played an acoustic set, her voice carrying beautifully around the church. I think she won the whole audience over and the general consensus was that she was fantastic. Definelately one to watch, keep your eyes peeled… here is her Myspace and page, and here are some questions she answered:

What was your first musical instrument and where did you get it?

Probably an ocarina we were given in year four in Primary School. They had the most annoying sound but actually when I hear it now its quite soothing… reminds me of being school and having little responsibility.

Do you download music or buy hard copies? Or both?

It totally depends. Sometimes I will have to download a song if I am browsing itunes and someone’s recommended something. I used to download music illegally when I was a student, but I rarely do it now. I am inclined to buy hardcopies but I havn’t heard anything I really like enough to want it physically in my hands. Except for maybe Bon Iver… I am tempted go and buy that again even though I have downloaded it a frenzy of excitement after my manager introduced it to me on a cold morning a few months ago.

Favourite music venue to play and why?

I havn’t really played enough venues to gauge any preferences… Give me my local anyday! It’s impossible to feel judged or scared in the middle of nowhere. I did play Union Chapel recently and it was divine. My urge was to keep looking up to the roof asking, “Is this real?” The first thing I said on stage was “Oh my god” which probably didn’t go down very well. Sorry :S

Last book read:

At University I was just reading drama text after drama text… so it was a relief to switch to enjoyment. After reading Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicles, I read Norwegian Wood. Again, a suggestion from my manager. He’s pretty much my rock.

Last movie watched:

The Wrester. Mickey Rourke really deserved the Oscar I think. I strangely fancied him a bit after that film, then saw him again in real life and changed my mind. Incredible actor though.

5 hopes for 2009:

If I was to mix up hopes for myself musically and for the world, it would be a bit of financial stability again, Peace (cliche, I know, but a cliche for a reason) to have my album finished and me being 100% happy and proud of it, for my Uncle to get well again, to find a nice companion… the usual.

Best moment on tour?

Ha! I’ve not toured yet. But I’m sure when I do… there’s going to be some fun shit going down for sure. (can I swear?) I have found a couple of people to be in my band and they are a good laugh already. I can’t wait to tour with my band; a year of performing solo around London can be pretty lonely… boo hoo!

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

My Dad’s living room. He hasn’t ever heard my sing or play guitar before, so I’m sure that will be a strange experience for him. And a fun one for me.

Favourite band/singer/album you discovered recently?

I discovered M83 and Olafeur Arnolds thanks to my friend Simon. For some reason I really love T-Pain, think his songs are so catchy and off the hook. Like I said I found Bon Iver, my good friend Starsmith who I work with quite a bit, I find it hard to listen to female singers haha, but my friends Marina and the Diamonds are pretty awesome. Also Mumford and Sons are pretty damn good.

If you could get any two musicians to collaborate with each other, who would they be and why?

If I had the power to set up a collaboration, it would be T-pain rapping over a Minus the Bear track they would make for him. My friend Alex plays in the band and he is obsessed with T-pain. I think it would make his year. I heard on the grapevine that T-pain charges about $100,000 to feature in a tune so I’d have to pull some strings. It’s a wierd one, but totally do-able!

Thanks to Ellie for answering the questions. Click click to go listen to I Wish I Stayed. Do it!

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