Bishop Allen Brixton Windmill Show (NOOOOO)

photo by Sebastian Mlynarski

Well, yaaaay and nooooooo. Bishop Allen have announced a date at the Brixton Windmill (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) but it clashes with Love Is All (nooooooooooooo). Bishop Allen are one of my favourite bands I know the Brixton Windmill is lovely and intimate to see bands. What should I do? I know I’m seeing them on the 7th, but that’s all the more reason why I should see them again on the 10th, because they’ll probably be amazing and I’ll want to see them again. But I also want to see Love Is All. I googled to see if I can find tickets and ¬†found somebody at the Brixton Windmill posted this on a web board: “Sunday May 10th – should be about six bands and a free bbq. ” TEMPTING. Very. I guess I’ll get a ticket when it goes on sale.

1 spare Love Is All ticket….


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