Caroline Weeks

I had an accounting exam today. I have no idea how I did, it was really confusing. They throw in lots of¬†unnecessary¬†information to confuse you, and it worked. Ho hum. I feel kind of annoyed, not because I’m not sure how I did, but because of all the blatant cheating. I had a seat at the back and some stupid boy asked to swap places with me because he had the answers and couldn’t sit at the front or he’d get caught. I said no, and he said ‘owww, I’ll give you one of the answers?’. Fear not, I was raised on good foundations and said no, I don’t want his answers. Not only that, but the girl on the table in front of me wrote the answers on the table in pencil before the exam started and covered them up with her elbow when the paper was given out. I was quite infuriated at the lack of morals some people have, and it kind of bummed me out for a few hours. Lucky for me, my mood is easily lifted by a good song. Cue Caroline Weeks. This is beautiful. I am excited to see her support the Leisure Society tonight. What a great line up.


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