Fleeting Fanfares IV

Sunday March 29th at The Cross Kings. No advance tickets, entry by donating some money.

Line Up: Liz Green, SJ Esau, Left With Pictures, Esiotrot, Stars Of Sunday League, Frances Thorburn, Duncan Brown’s Boiling Oil. Plus open mic between 5 and 6.

I’ve wanted to see Liz Green for ages so this might be a good opportunity to catch her before she goes of to tour Europe for ages. She’s currently at SXSW. I’ve heard good things about Esiotrot and Left With Pictures. The blurb for Frances Thorburn has me intrigued: “Charmed the pants off us all at the open mic of FF III with a performance during which she sang accompanied only by a chopping board and small hand-bell. A hugely talented performer.“ 

More information here.


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