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Remember the good old days of February, when I would post about Frida practically every day? Now those were good times. I was just remembering how absolutely amazing her Bush Hall show was. I wanted to post about this video. I don’t understand it, it’s Frida talking in Swedish. She’s got her suitcase and is showing some stuff to the camera, including her shoes and a Silence Is Wild vinyl (WANT!). There’s also an amazing t-shirt with a unicorn on it and it says ‘Frida Hyvönen’ underneath it. So I was going to post that video, then I came across this absolutely spectacular video of Frida singing Dirty Dancing in Berlin. She has such  an unbelievably powerful voice. If you are lazy, skip to four minutes in, when she’s really belting it out. She’s shaking her head and you can see her neck all tensed up and she’s really singing. It’s so passionate and powerful and wonderful. She starts the song with a smile, and then at the end of the song breaks into another big grin. This is absolutely beautiful: 

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