I’m Confused

The Handsome Furs sum up my confused state of mind quite well. I’m confused about my university degree. Everyone who knows me in person, and probably anyone who reads my blog every now and again, will know I hate my boring, mathematical degree with a passion. I’ve been pretty creative my whole life and this course is like the opposite of creative, the antithesis of creativity. It’s like a black hole that will destroy your soul. Yep. I am going to probably take up a new course. Seeing as most of the people I have befriended and come to know are mostly all older than me and have jobs and have degrees, I am going to start surveying people for their thoughts and advice. If you would like to email me your thoughts please go ahead: anikainlondon at googlemail dot com. I am currently putting off doing my maths revision (for the exam TOMORROW) and listening to Scary Mansion. Emails are welcomed and I will value your opinions, especially if you’re old and wise. Like an owl.

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  1. Andy March 4, 2009 at 8:25 am #

    owlish? maybe – do something you enjoy, unless you can see finishing this course as a ticket to a job you’d actually want.

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