Lots of Metric videos

Many videos courtesy of Spin. Interview 1 about the new album. Interview 2 about self releasing. I have to say I think it’s awesome that they’re putting it out themselves. Interview 3. Emily talks about Buenos Aires and writing, and live music. There’s a performance of Twilight Galaxy and Front Row is below. From past experience with Metric, I find their songs are usually ‘growers’. I like them now but I think I’ll like them more the more I listen to them. I’m kind of sad (understatement) that I don’t think there’ll ever be The Soft Skeleton again. Don’t forget about the Metric show at the Electric Ballroom. Get your tickets!


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  1. gregofmontreal March 21, 2009 at 2:28 pm #

    love it! this album is stellar also…

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