Metric: Fantasies (!!!!)

Must calm down. I’m listening to the final version of Gimme Sympathy via the Metric website. LOVE IT. I’ve loved this song for a year and a half, and to finally hear the studio version, after hearing all the different versions… brilliant. I still think I prefer the old lyrics, but I’m so glad they have it up tempo (although I still think it would be better completely stripped down and just Emily and the Soft Skeleton, but that’s just me). There’s also a video of Emily and Jimmy doing it acoustically. I love that ‘oh seriously, you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re young‘ lyric.

You can get pre-order a few different album packages now from the Store. Because I get all geeky about my favourite musicians, I would really love to have the limited edition package. It comes with the vinyl, a Help, I’m Alive 7″, a ton of artwork, CD, downloads and non album tracks. It’s $64 plus shipping, though. I like Metric, but I could go to probably 4 or 5 shows for that much money. Opportunity cost says no. 

I’m so excited for this, and this is just the pre-order announcement. Just wait until the tour announcement.

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