Metric- Live It Out

Metric- Live It Out (Acoustic)

I actually love that version more than the original. I’ve loved it for ages. A couple of years ago I used to sing it so often whenever I felt like it that even a friend from school learnt the words, just from my singing. Obviously my singing did it no justice which is why it would be better to listen to Emily’s wonderful voice. I think it is actually impossible for me to ever tire of hearing Emily’s voice. So, today I got the train back to London after a weekend trip home. Whenever I go to the station it reminds me of this song. In fact, any time anyone ever says the word ‘station’ it reminds me of this song. That’s not a bad thing. I’ll tell you what is a bad thing: London Bridge station. Ugh, that station is the worst London station. Especially at the rush hour of DOOM.

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