My Heart

62 plays on my ipod. 7 minutes 39 seconds long. 459 seconds of plays. 459 x 62 = 28,458 seconds worth of My Heart. 28, 458 / 60 = 474.3 minutes of My Heart. 474.3 / 60 = 7.9 hours of My Heart. Most of these plays are since the show at the Social. That’s practically 8 hours worth of listening to My Heart non stop. I’m listening now so it’ll be 63 plays which will equate to 8 hours worth of My Heart. I should think it’ll get alot more plays in the next few weeks. 

I checked my bank balance yesterday. Not favorable. It was not favorable AT ALL. However, I am owed some monies for a photo and £55 in travel expenses sooooooo I conclude I must go to Brighton. 

I bought a ticket. I couldn’t help myself(!!!!). This is what My Heart does to me.


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