Review: 2 nights at The Slaughtered Lamb

Ho hum, I’m feeling very tired and lazy so here is a combined review of the last 2 nights at The Slaughtered Lamb. More photos on flick flick Flickrrrrr.

The Slaughtered Lamb is one of my favourite places to go to see music. It’s cosy and they have comfy chairs and the sound is good. Perfect. I’m going to see Ghost Bees there next week, which I’m super excited about. Visit the ElectroAcoustic Club for tickets and more information.

Yesterday’s show was good, the first two acts were pleasant but didn’t wow me at all. The Johnny Parry trio were really quite special, though. It’s hard to believe that such a deep, powerful voice could come from the young, blonde Johnny Parry. They had a classically trained (I guess so anyway) singer with them, it was very atmospheric and epic. I really enjoyed their set alot, listen to them on Myspace. They have a show at Union Chapel with a full band, it will probably be beautiful. May 9th, if you’re free you should go. Then it was Betty Frances. She was good too.

Today, the first act was Anna Blacky Savage. She played a short set and did a few covers, including one of Lua on ukulele. Next up it was Jack Cheshire. Fourth time I’ve seen him. Considering I’ve seen him so many times I would really like to enjoy his sets, but it just doesn’t seem to click with me. He is always very cheerful and does some good stage banter, I’m sure he’s lovely but I’m not a fan musically. I’m sure I’ll see him yet again supporting Chris Garneau probably, so maybe he’ll grow on me. Finally, it was Sparky Deathcap.

Out of all the bands I saw over the two nights Sparky Deathcap was the most memorable. He did a rock opera on ukulele with an over head projector beaming drawings onto the screen, assisted by his friend Martin. It was very creative and Jeffrey Lewis-esque which is probably why I loved it, not to mention that it was absolutely hilarious. The story was about this guy who drives a delivery van around delivering organs. He’s apparently ugly and ‘a freak’. One day he stops in this town to go to the pub and gets snowed in. He decides to go skiing on a kidney. He crashes and wakes up to see the most beautiful girl in the world. He sings her a love song and she refuses him. He is ‘resourceful’ and spells her a message out on the snow, using the organs. She realizes she loves him too and goes in search of him. The snow is melting so he has to leave town, but stays for her. They tie the organs to the back of the truck and ride off and live happily ever after… with a truck load of stolen organs. Awwwh. It was brilliant and you should go see him live, visit him on Myspace.

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