Review: Best set of 2009= Wilbirds & Peacedrums at The Social

I am trying to calm down so as to not sicken you with my liberal repetition and use of synonyms for the words ‘love’ ‘brilliant’ and  ’amazing’. Nevermind!

So after Howling Bells we milled around a bit and got some food and headed to The Social. On the way in we were offered goody bags for £1. How can you refuse? They contained 2 7″ singles, a lollipop and a popper. Wow.

Next Adam and I had an argument of sorts about Jaymay and Regina Spektor. I am not bothered by Regina Spektor, I actually don’t really like her (please don’t hate me). On the other hand, I LOVE Jaymay and think she’s wonderful. She’s got a beautiful voice and I actually find her lyrics to be sensical and engaging. Adam is the opposite. I stand by Team Jaymay and think Team Jaymay rules supremely over Team Regina. I can appreciate Regina has a nice voice, but Jaymay is just made of win. However, I won’t dismiss anyone until I see them live, so maybe if I saw Regina I would like her more, but I don’t like her enough to pay to see her, so unless she supports someone I like then I probably won’t see her. We basically agreed to disagree.

The first band on were called The Tailors. I thought there were pretty good and enjoyed their set. Their singer has a great voice and the songs reminded me a bit of Jason Collett.

OK… here we go, prepare yourself for this incredibly OTT paragraph. Next up it was Swedish duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums. Just a mere hour or so before their set I was saying to Adam ‘I wonder who will be able to knock of Montreal from the top spot’ (of my gig rankings). WB&PD did it. They did it with style. They launched into Chain Of Steel, which is what I really wanted to hear and I could barely contain my absolute joy. After Chain of Steel it was straight into There Is No Light. Mariam is a brilliant frontwoman, dancing all over the stage like a woman possessed. She actually slipped off the edge of the stage at one point and carried on dancing. Andreas is a epic drummer, so fun to watch. He is so intense, it looked like he was permanently on the edge of grinning through the whole set. Mariam has such an amazing, brilliant voice. You’d think Andreas was an octopus or something, he is the king of multi tasking. Drums with one hand, xylophone with the other, feet moving non stop. Fantastic. Throughout the set I was thinking ‘wow, this has knocked Frida from the number 2 spot”.

It wasn’t until the last 2 songs that they knocked of Montreal back. Mariam asked the crowd if we wanted steel drums or drums first, and asked us to raise our hands. Steel drum would mean they’d play My Heart. This is my favourite song of theirs. I should have waited so it would be the last song, but I wanted to hear it immediately, so when Miriam said ‘steel drum?’ my hand shot up. Then they played My Heart. I think my very own heart was beating faster than it should do for someone standing still. It was stunning. Finally they did Today/Tomorrow. The drums are to die for. One thing I noticed yesterday is that Mariam puts her coat over the drum, which makes me wonder how her coat isn’t completely destroyed. Mariam was flailing around hitting things with her drum stick, she started banging on the ceiling and managed to pull off the cable attached to the projector. It actually looked as though she might hit someone. It was quite possibly the best thing ever, in the whole universe. They played quite a few songs but it went by in a flash. Best single set of the year so far. There isn’t really a band in March that can contend with them, the next gig I am super duper excited about it WB&PD again on April 7th. 

After the set I spoke to Mariam and told her that this was the best set I have seen this year. She was very lovely and said thanks and that she recognized me from yesterday. She also said sorry for not speaking to anyone yesterday, they were nervous and didn’t expect anyone to come. I didn’t get to speak to Andreas, unfortunately. 

While I was there I also realized that I get to spend alot of my time in the company of and the presence of lots of extremely talented people. CrazyBobbles (wasn’t there but I saw him a couple of hours before) is a brilliant photographer. Adam is a great writer. I also got to meet up with Rachel who takes photos for Stool Pigeon and always has lots of amazing shots. I also saw Brooke again who I met yesterday, she’s a singer and has a beautiful voice. And I got to be in the presence of the supremely talented Wildbirds & Peacedrums. Aren’t I lucky? Yes. Very. 

Afterwards we stayed for 2 songs of the next band then headed off. Wilbirds & Peacedrums are quite possibly the best band I have ever seen live (and that’s really saying something). Go see them.

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  1. crazybobbles March 3, 2009 at 1:20 am #

    awww thanks, you’re an amazing photographer yourself! btw regina rules :p

  2. Adam March 3, 2009 at 7:07 am #

    Danke! :) And you’re an awesome photographer/cartoonist/blogger person even if you’re COMPLETELY wrong about Regina Spektor…;p Can’t believe I have to wait another month before seeing W&P again…

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