Review: Chew Lips at Pure Groove

Pure Groove instores are a pretty good way of checking out bands for free. I thought I may as well investigate Chew Lips tonight.

Before I start on the gig I will start with some background story. When I was coming back from the station earlier today I walked past Sommerfield. If you’re not English: Sommerfield is a supermarket. They do these really tasty strawberry chewy lips for something like 39p, or 3 bags for ¬£1. I thought I should get some chewy lips in preparation for seeing Chew Lips, but alas, they had none. Side story over.

I arrived at Pure Groove and it was fairly busy. I took a seat at the front. There were lots of other¬†photographers¬†there. The lights were low, which made photographing singer Tigs a bit tricky, as she darts around like a bullet mostly. The band were formed little over a year ago and play electronic pop that I actually quite enjoyed. Tigs has a really strong voice and I thought the band were fun. At one point she made her way through the crowd and stood on the bar and sang a bit. She noted that the crowd were quiet, and someone replied ‘we’re sober!’ and she said that she didn’t have that problem. Clearly she didn’t. It’s not really the genre I go for but I would recommend listening to Solo on the Myspace, it’s a catchy tune and is available as a single from today on Kitsune. They have a load of tour dates lined up and you can get their single from Pure Groove.

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